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Terms and Conditions, Data Use and Privacy Policy
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Our goal is to establish a trusting and longstanding business relationship with our clients and community. We believe establishing that trust includes respecting website user and client privacy. 

Cookies: Cookies, bots, analytic tools may be used in this website to identify unique/individual visitors. "Identification" in this case is annonymous and will not be associated with any information that could identify you. 

Data: We do collect your name and email address, only with your full consent, so that we can respond to your questions and provide to you newsletters, white papers and other informative items distributed.

We do not sell or provide your name and email address to any outside vendors or businesses for marketing, revenue, or commercial purposes. You can opt out and request removal of your name and email address from our distribution/communication listing at any time. No reason is necessary and there are no charges for removal. In addition, you can request what information we have specific to you, you can rectify/correct that information as well as request to remove it all, permanently. We keep all information secure and have put in place company policies to maintain compliance with applicable national and international regulations pertaining to data privacy, information sharing and security.

Terms and Conditions:

In using this website and/or sharing personal information with Barclay Consulting, you agree to read our Data Policy, to not fraudulently enter information, code or in any way change the information entered in this website that would harm, harass, or misrepresent Barclay Consulting or any users/visitors to this website. By using this website and/or consenting/providing your name, email address and any additional personal information in the future, you release and indemnify Barclay Consulting LLC from any any associated risk, responsibility and liability, with the exception of gross negligence or noncompliance with applicable data sharing, privacy and security regulations. 

Barclay Consulting will only keep data that you consent to provide. We will keep that information secure. Should we learn that your information has been breached via our database, we will contact you within 72 hours. 

Should you have any other questions regarding our policies and data use, please contact a Barclay Consulting representative at: +1 (646) 600-5421 or

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